HKD Boss Freeman Appreciates Teen Rescue Mission

HKD Boss Sylvester Chizanga populary known as Freeman in the music world took time to appreciate Teen Rescue Mission today.

Teen Rescue Mission is a non governmental organisation that is fighting aganist drug and substance abuse, early pregnancy and crime in teens and youths.

The organisation uses awareness campaigns , arts and music to educate youths on the dangers of drug abuse.

Teen Rescue Mission team youths did a musical project on No to drugs and early pregnancy.

Freeman applauded the effort by the TRM group who came up with songs that educate the youths to stop abusing drugs.

Director Mr Abraham Matuka appreciated the support offered by Freeman in the fight against drugs.

Freeman spoke highly on the project as he expressed his heart and pain on how drugs are destroying the youths of our today and he pledged to stand by TRM on future projects.

TRM Director Mr Abraham Matuka appreciated Freeman who offered his time and support on the organisation’s effort.

Mr Matuka spoke highly on having all well known people joining hands in saving the young generation because drugs have ruined the young generation.

He also called on all celebrities to emulate what Freeman has done in putting a voice by encouraging youths to stop abusing drugs and early pregnancy easpecially noting on the latest incident of an 8 year old girl who got raped and impregnated resulting in giving birth last week.

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