Image Magic Cooperate Partners Teen Rescue Mission.

Image Magic Cooperate has partnered Teen Rescue Mission in a bid to help in fighting against drugs and substance abuse, early pregnancy and crime in teens and youth.

This was reviewed by Mrs Karen Gondo team leader at Image Magic Cooperate in Harare yesterdaday.

Teen Rescue Mission team had the privilege to do a handover of a musical CD done by teen and youths on No to drugs and substance abuse and early pregnancy to Mrs Karen Gondo.

Mrs Karen was so concerned on youth when she spoke on issues contributed by drugs and substance abuse.

“Drugs have really affected the generation of this era.

“I am a mother and I have kids, so I am always concerned as well.”

“As parents we need to keep on checking on our children because if we become busy for our kids it will affect us as parents.

She also applauded TRM for helping in fighting aganist drugs and substance abuse, early pregnancy among teens and youths and also pledged as Image Magic Cooperate to support on TRM by doing branded T-shirts with the message No to Drugs and early pregnancy.

TRM Director Mr Abraham Matuka appreciated Image Magic Cooperate in coming out to brand the team.

He also highlighted some of the challanges TRM is facing as an organisation.

“In our organisation we still have challenges with resources. As you can see we were supposed to be here presenting our Musical CD to you with branded TShirts but because of resources we could not make it.

“On behalf of TRM we want to thank Image Magic Cooperate for the great support and also appeal to everyone be cooperates, government and well wishers to come join hands with us so we help save our generation which is our work force of our tomorrow.

“Let us not loose this generation and let us not give up on them. Together we can”, said Mr Matuka.

Mitchel Machokoto a girl child and being a beneficiary from TRM thanked Mrs Karen.

“I feel inspired by you, being a woman and leading this great organisation means a lot to us girls.

“I stand to see what I can do as a girl child and thank you for standing to support us.”

TRM all on fighting against drugs and substance abuse, early pregnancy and crime in teens and youths.

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