Teen Rescue Mission Embarks on Leadership training.

Teen Rescue Mission has embarked on an extensive youth leadership training.

The training is aimed at equiping youths with leadership skills.These skills will not only enable them to take up leadership roles but helps them to avoid abusing drugs and other substances.

The program which was launched in Dzivarasekwa on Saturday 14 January 2023 is expected to expand to other towns and cities to ensure that youths are prepared to take up leadership roles in the future.

The programme which is to run in all towns is to empower youth leaders using peer to peer approach in fighting drugs and substance abuse , early pregnancy and crime in teens and youths.

We are excited to inform the public that our pool of educators are youths with a zeal to help their peers make sound decisions to avoid any regrets.

The youth leaders selected from the community coming to the workshop training have the zeal to take up the fight against drugs and substance abuse , early pregnancy to another level.

As TRM target we use peer to peer approach because youths can easily relate to each other better.

We are delighted to have life Coach Viashy from TRM overseeing the training.

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