Teen Rescue Mission Laments Over Drug Abuse Among Byo Youths.

Teen Rescue Mission lamemts over drug overdose among Bulawayo youths.

In an article published today by https://www.newsreportzim.com/2023/01/12/youths-from-entumbane-suburb-in-bulawayo-were-admitted-after-overdosing-crystal-methamphetam

Which said that Entumbane youths were rushed to the hospital.

My heart bleeds.

Hearing that about 17 youths from Entumbane were rushed to the hospitaI after overdosing drugs.Makes tears gush out from my eyes.

I am trying to think if there is a tomorrow for the youths but then my head stops.
What has happened to this generation, where is the road because it seems like everyone else is lost.

“Let’s join hands to fight for this generation and the next to come.”

Teen Rescue Mission all on fighting against drugs, early pregnancy and crime in teens and youths.

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