Teen Rescue Mission meets UN Ambassador.

Teen Rescue Mission (TRM) team were privileged to meet the UN Ambassador His Excellency, Edward Kallon at UN Head Office in Harare yesterday.

The TRM team took the opportunity to present a musical CD on no to drugs ,substance abuse and early pregnacy done by teens and youths to the UN Ambassador His Excellency, Edward Kallon.

Also presented is a Fresh Joy dishwasher ,one of the sustaining projects run by youths in TRM to sustain themselves.

The UN Ambassador appreciated the project and encouraged TRM to continue with the great work of reaching out to youths.

He also gave a warm welcome to TRM members present and took the opportunity to educate the delegation through a brief summary of what UN is all about.

After that the Ambassador spoke much on giving out to save the youths against all vices that tries to destroy their lives and also on protection on the girl child which Teen Rescue Mission is driving.

He applauded the programmes proposed by TRM and pledged to support them in any way during their excecution to support the youths and teens.
Teen Rescue Mission director Mr Abraham Matuka spoke on how the organisation have done in trying to fight drugs and substance abuse in teens and youths which have now become a pandemic in our nation and world at large.

Major Chirombo TRM public relations manager spoke on how TRM programmes are of great need to young people.

“As a youth I stand to present the issues that are driving most of us into drugs and substance abuse and early pregnancy.

“Peer pressure and idolness resulting in mental health is of great concern.

“Young people of nowadays have no one to speak too, parents are busy looking for money and at the end of the day they are losing their children to social media and other things.

He also said that, TRM is coming in to fill in the gap which has been created in the society as a result of poverty most people are facing.

Major Chirombe also took the opportunity to share the challanges TRM is facing as an organisation.

“Not having a vehicle to use to respond to cases far away from us ,and those which needs urgent attention, Is one of the challanges that we are facing as an organisation.

“TRM plans to expand its operations to all towns by creating counselling centers to assist those who are in need of it, since the number of youths and teens suffering because of drugs and early pregnacy has dramatically increased but due to lack of funding we are failing to do so.

The UN Ambassador appreciated the presentation laid by Major Chirombe of TRM and promised to assist TRM in any way so as to save humanity.

Miss Soraya Fahad one of the TRM board members seized the opportunity to invite the UN Ambassador to TRM Black Tie fundraising dinner which will be held on the 11th of March 2023 at Organic Restaraunt in Borrowdale.

Mr Ernest Mutanga, Head of UN Resident Coordinator’s Office, Ms Fiona Adolu, Human Rights Advisor and Mr Sirak Gebrehiwot, Partnerships and Development Finance Advisor are some of the UN diplomats who attended the meeting.
Mr Takudzwa Musonza ,TRM board member was also present in the meeting

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