Teen Rescue Mission, Rescuing Youths.

Teen Rescue Mission (TRM) having a great impact.It has has assisted many youths in the fight aganist drugs and substance abuse.

TRM as an organisation has assisted youths to find their purpose in life.This have managed to revoke suicidal thoughts among youths.

Today, Dominic a youth under Teen Rescue Mission Epworth visited our offices in Chitungwiza.

We are delighted to see the empowered Dominic who came to show gratitude to TRM organisation for empowering him throughout his journey of life.

Dominic is an orphan who was living a life of no direction or purpose before TRM rescued him.

Through the help of TRM Dominic was able to do a life skill course at Young Africa with no payment.

After completing his course TRM continued with molding and mentoring his journey of life.

We managed to secure a job for him at Chinese Restaurant. This is part of our work of ensuring that one revieves holistic services that improve the youth livelihood and well-being. Dominic through his savings has managed to acquire a passport and he came to celebrate with TRM on his newly aquired class 2 drivers licence he just got today.

Dominic is grateful to TRM which helped him to achieve what he has today and now being an empowered and confident youth living a purposeful life with direction and goals .

Dominic celebrating with TRM , Director Mr Matuka

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