TRM launches life sustaining projects for youths.

Teen Rescue Mission (TRM) successfully launched life sustaining projects for 67 youths at their offices in Unit P seke Chitungwiza on Surtaday , last week.
TRM managed to call expects in poultry, detergents making, catering and sewing to come and teach and motivate youths to start the projects.
Out of the 67 , 65.7% are women and while the remaining total number consists of men.
The group consist of young single mothers, young girls and orphans who are in need of such empowerment projects that will leave them with skills which they will use for the rest of their lives.
The programme which was well attended.The youths were overwhelmed and appreciated the organisation for coming up with the programme to empower them in such difficult times.
Letwin a single mother of 3 staying alone spoke highly on the projects.
“As you can image a single mother of 3 staying alone and going to school.
” You finish school late and when you come back home you do not have time to hustle and feed yourself and the children.
” So having this project running and with the working conditions here at TRM will give me time to tend to my children whlist l will be working on these projects to secure money for rent,food and do extra activities.
Speaking on the day, TRM public relations officer Mr Major Chirombo said, “As TRM we are glad to have this project launched today.
“We have been doing well in facilitating youths in enrolling at Young Africa for life skill courses.
“We saw some youths dropping from school because of some challenges on their lives.
“Hence , a need was created to start this program to be held at TRM offices so that the youths will not be drop outs but they can just take a break if emergencies arise and can move on with their daily routine if things stabilizes.”
In 2021 TRM managed to facilitate enrolment of 254 youths and aganist a number of 122 youths who graduated last year.
In 2022 TRM has facilitated for for he enrolment of 58 youths and this year we have 62 youths doing life skill courses at Young Africa Life Skills center.
As an organisation TRM is concerned with the challenges youths face as a result the organisation managed to source something to kickstart our projects which will help the youths in covering basic things.
This will even spare youths from having idol times.
TRM projects Officer Mr Rio called on cooperates and everyone to support by buying the youths products.
” I tell you our products will be competitive in the market and of great quality.
“Do not hesitate to buy our products as we will be bringing good thing in the market.”
He also called on cooperates to come on board and assist the organisation because it still need a lot of things to have the project running smoothly ranging from machinery and to have the projects running on full scale.
The event ended with youths celebrating in dancing and eating.
The youths praised the organisation on having them at heart and pledged that this will have more and more youths coming out of drugs, early sexual activity and crime.
“We will have youths occupied and working and no one will think of drugs and stealing said one youth. said a young boy identified as Rutendo.

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